STOP Buying this Tech Scam.

Publisert 16. juni. 2021
The Geoclense and all associated products are a compete scam...This is why.
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    • Humans emit positive energy

    • Well if you have a lot of friends and friends of friends that can give you good comments well that's why the people buy it

    • Why does the thumbnail have Hebrew?

    • Colleague of mine has a jug of water with some stones in it "harmonizing" the water. Not sure what else he is in to, but I bet there will be more. Sharing your video is loss of time though. You cannot convince these ppl with some facts... Especially boring facts. Some ppl need to believe there are Illuminates who in cooperate with Mr. Gates and Soros and their only life goal is world dominance. Maybe with a little help of Astar Sheran (if he still parks on our orbit, have not checked that for a while...) If you combine these with ppl who were scared of typing machine, bulbs, first cars and microwave ovens and are scared of 5G now, you get these orgonit believers who spend thousands on rocks, copper wires, polymer resin and good vibes sent by air (trust me, there is even more bizarre stuff, like drinking chlorine...) Simply said, you cannot argue with a believer. Or you can ofc, but do not hope in changing his point of view.

    • Problem-Authority-Solution: you just described most religions along with quackery :D

  • guys if u ver see a video say free robux and u click it check the comment if there a lot of omg it worked otr liek that it meant it kind but if it ask u for pasword it a scam so and some can have bot lik egood try then another comment say good tr y the sam thing it fake scam


  • good channel!

  • Some people are so idiotic tho 🤡

  • sad reality is stupid people buy stupid products and stupid products are getting bought more and more just think about what that means

  • I Love How It Was Built Using A Soap, Next time, they should change the description too, plug the thing in and start scrubbing to your skin, FEEL THE REMOVAL OF 5G Out of your body

  • Similar to the emperor wearing a transparent robe, that only the greatest of people can see it.

  • You got the Epstein bar virus hahahaha

  • If it walks likes a duck & quake’s like a ducks then it is probably is a duck! These are a scam hyperbole!🙄

  • After the first 2 lines, I thought he was going to talk about the iPhone.

  • Karens are gonna raid the comments and ignore facts

  • Actually saw a clip about many of the products (like the armbands) that talk about positive ions and crap like that when tested are in fact radioactive, so perhaps a geigercounter would be a better instrument for testing the products you got ;)

  • COVID in a nutshell

  • 5G is a health hazzard proven by the reproduceable blood test we can do ourselves. 🩸 Shield! These products covered in this video may harmonise the radiation a little bit or do nothing but people need to shield if they want to stay healthy. Building biologists recommend keeping it below 0.1 Micro Watt per square meter. 5G IS a weapon and people can shield their body with aluminium foil on the wall, ground it and paint over it. It may be better than expensive shielding materials. Keep it in airplane mode, it's not worth it! Measuring is knowing.

  • thank you for act as the guardian of the online shopping and the determinator of the pseudo tech! like your videos!

  • Same people who buy this stuff is the same ones who believe in horoscopes

  • Wait,can’t he sue them?

  • Thanks!

  • It's remind me to Galaxy Note 7.... Boom

  • But most of people like this. It's the same kind of placebos.

  • Pls Video Samsun galaxy a12

  • british charger goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Keep up the awesome work!!!

  • Dr strange fandom after clicking this vid : ok

  • basically its religion

  • Love the illustrations, soap plug lol

  • Dying from 5G on Malfoys head 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arun, why was the FIRST Harry Potter spell to come out of your mouth the Killing Curse, of all things? Couldn’t you have used, I don’t know, the Water Charm or something??

  • Plot twist: The electromagnetic meter is being taken apart and turns out it's a scam, displaying random readings.

  • Thank you for helping in the fight against ignorance.

  • Absolutely Brilliant Video !!! "Who do they think we are?" Well, here in America we elected a Game Show Host as our president ! They KNOW how Moronic we are. Life is a Scam....... Love Your Videos. :)

  • this dude righ it a scam

  • George Carlin said something in the lines of “imagine how stupid the average person is then imagine that half of people are stupider than that” those are the people buying these things.

  • those products will literally work due to the "power of suggestions" if u know what i mean 😉 also if "lies are told many times, it'll become the truth" 😎 nothing we can do to stupid people bro, according to George Carlin, i quote "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large group" (or so it says 😅)

  • Love ur cats man

  • Ok.

  • Try leaving a review and see what happens to it

  • Its not “borderline evil” stop sugar coating things. Its way past fucking evil, its criminal. Its a scam, and the people running the scams need to die in a fucking fire.

  • 9:30 To be fair, that's a pretty typical disclaimer and a lot of real health related products have to include that. It's not necessarily that you can't rely on the info, just that legally they can't claim it is a substitute for say a doctor. That being said the product is BS.

  • So in short, people are stupid and will buy anything.

  • you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • La Buena Vida runs on exactly this kind of scam in Nigeria.... Lol😂

  • ". . . there's a seeker born every minute." - Firesign Theatre

  • Omg I can't believe this lead to Orgone energy. So if you get deep into right wing conspriacy theory and David Icke and stuff, they believe the "lizard people" are all here to feed on our Orgone energy LOOOL


  • Hi. EBV, although in the same family of herpesvirus (varicella - chickenpox - is also a member) does not cause herpes but infectious mononucleosis. As an adult, if you had mono, you would probably know because of symptoms 😉. So, still bogus.

  • I think what you meant at the beginning means a PopIt

  • You can cook food with microwaves. There not that weak. Bs products tho for sure

  • Your not supposed to talk bad things about the machines(or something), it will get sad. Lmao

  • i hate the manufacturers too much scams

  • Arun:- Stop buying this tech scam. Well we did it boys, tech scam is no more.

  • Bro your cat is savage

  • bro like you can visit doc if you are having such headache, in my opinion they are nothing, jus some printed trash stuff.

  • @10:38 sounds very much like most religions to me

  • epstein barr is mono lol

  • Oh look, energy bear. So cute.

  • Well-done

  • road to 10m

  • "Your phone, Your Computer" I wish my phone was an S21 Ultra and an iMac

  • when you added the sticker, the meter changed. As it did every time you added another object. If you are going to carry out an experiment at least define it. What do the fluctuations mean? What does the 'beeping' mean?

  • That remind me of a video of "The Thought Emporium" that talked about products that are worse (instead of producing micro-waves / being a scam, it was just radioactive product that are marketed as negative-ion protector) and with his video, he just shut down two company doing these shitty products.

  • Harry potter weapon L M A O XD

  • Arun: Geocleanse is a scam. Me: Mmm *Electric soap.*

  • 😂WTF?!!

  • No this video is fake because the earth is flat so these products work JK 😜😜

  • As an Australian, I am sorry that these people exist

  • Ok, I laughed hard. Thanks !! BTW - when the bear was placed you meter dropped in value. Your phone probably went to power save...but funny !

  • When i saw your video i saw a light in my eyes and feels like wow i like that phone , ilove that phone. I dream that phone.. I wish i have that phone. I'm filipino fun of yours. I REALLY REALLY LOVE THAT PHONE THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME MY DREAM😇 please notice me😭

  • bows and arrows are still technology, old, but technology.

  • Milo was getting cranky around rickroll radiation.

  • New Age weirdos love to spend money on things that work on faith

  • Solluminati would love these products.

  • Worst than these are those stuff with radioactive particles inside and they truly emit ionizing radiation.

  • The ones that claim to protect you from ionising radiation are the ones that I find extremely stupid. Unless you want to walk around covered in lead or tinfoil, you’re not stopping ionising radiation. Your skin will stop alpha radiation, aluminium foil will stop beta radiation and you’d need lead or concrete to stop Gamma rays or X-rays. Also…..Wouldn’t that plug in “EMF” protector actually give off EMF radiation, seem as it has to be plugged into an electrical socket to work?🤣.

  • 3:35 you've just bought yourself a ticket to Azkaban

  • 7:30 the koala is steering into someone soul

  • ur a big fan of motorella

  • Love your videos. Really going through a tuff time bad anxiety 😕 dont like being on load of meds. So a trick i learned is *Stimulus overload* have the tv going music low and your channel just playing all your videos on my phone or tablet. And you try and pay attention to all 3 points of input this gets your brain off whatever was upsetting you.. your videos are so well done content is great 👍 👌 your accent even provides a level of comfort odd i know but 👍 true

  • You spent 700$ for this? I would subscribe to you if i wasn't already subscribed.

  • Just goes to show how dumb and gullible people can be

  • That is kind of proof though that you have an IQ of 690 because you destroyed their arguments affectively. Of course that means that you didn’t provide a good example bc u are that smart which means that you aren’t that smart.... but then you are....

  • This is no different than religion and their gods, and that scam has existed since the beginning of humans.

  • The people buying shit like this should be stripped of all their belongings, voting powers, and other legal rights and be sentenced to cleaving stones or some other monkey job for the rest of their lives. Can't believe this.

  • Thanks for the information Sir.

  • People are just silly.

  • And they say Islam is backward?

  • You've just proven again that stupidity is limitless and those guys are simply genius… 😂 The magic wand was the most brilliant 🤣🤣🤣

  • I got an ad for one before this video!

  • Those stuffs which said they have charges or whatever they claim they are...are ironically radioactive

  • Scam

  • What’s sad is some of these products have literal radioactive elements imbedded in them so all they do is increase your chance of getting cancer.

  • What

  • OMG help me please , I have been surrounded by 5G Radiation, Helpppp. Oh wait there is the SUN above us.

  • For some reason the Q-Link pendant reminds me of the Q-pid thing from Death Stranding

  • So can I cook a microwave meal on the cheap if I send a few texts? Although my mum regularly use to brake clockwork watches mysteriously. They would just stop. It wasn’t until my grandmother gave her a nurses fob watch problem stopped. Everyone said it was because of her magnetism 😂 I think it was because she overwound watches but what do I know

  • Mr Boss, can you do a video that disproves (or proves) heat-inducing bio-ray-heat-therapy wearables (socks, yoga pants, etc) next??

  • someone explain what is rickroll

  • maybe the revievs are there company workers forced to send and put good reivievs like what company dose this

  • Let me guess. America?