I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world.

Publisert 3. juni. 2021
Buying the smallest smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress!
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  • First video in a while! But we've got LOTS Cooking now 😈If you could own any tech from this video, which would it be? To see my best phones of 2021 so far: nowine.info/loft/b6Vqjmbbi7mHpKQ/video

    • So your saying that if someone went to your house with a mini Jupiter you would eat it then kill whoever gave it to you, and say happy mars day in front of your family. Oops autocorrect, I meant to say I love your vids :)

    • GPD pocket

    • Why did you Rick roll me

    • Please 🙏 I want one of the phone

    • The actual ps5 you put on the table

  • I was working at a warehouse over the summer and the amount of people who actually used those portable neck coolers were surprising

  • I bought a iPhone 13 on wish for 3 dollars it was real, like I got a full on new iPhone 13. WTF. It took 5 months to ship tho

  • The tiny phone

  • 1$ iPhone is still expensive for Turkey (because of cargo's and taxes)

    • @hungarianball47 then I’m confused so your saying your gay on mars???

    • @Paper cat uhh no?

    • So your saying I’m gay???

  • 17:36 I had that same cam when I was six

    • So your saying. I’m in your house

  • 10:22 Apple copied this for the new iPhone 13

    • So your saying life is just an infinite loop where when you die you just spawn into a baby and start all over again for eternity until the universe as we know it, will be destroyed, and then all we will see is darkness for the rest of our lives?

  • Drone part was the most funniest part😂😂😂😂😂

  • Please bro buy an iPhone for me 🥰🥰😭😭😂😂😂

  • Omg the Rick roll lol!

    • So your saying that if you where gay you would see a sheep shave it, eat it’s wool then poop out a scarf give to your mother than, breath in mars air???

  • The terrible mini fridge has a cooling pad on the bottom of the inside of the fridge and that is it.

  • 8:19

  • Hi big fan

  • His voice is so soft I love his videos

  • WTH IS THAT MINI MOUSE i cracked up when you pulled it out

  • Apple: oh, we can't put headphone jacks anymore, they take too much space. Other companies: we follow you wherever you go, oh Apple. Zanko: hold mi mini mini jack

  • thank u

  • Most of those tiny phones are for bum smuggling ....

  • This guy... Searches tiny... Is shocked... by results...

  • The iPhoney 2 kinda sus

  • Aaron do you know that the launguage written on the insta story? its Arabic.

  • He gave zero information. I can believe people watch him.

  • The cat's no I'm not 😂😂

  • Basically the whole video…..”That’s what she said”



  • 15:25 that's what she said

  • 12:28 the os is so bad it looks like the bluestacks android emulator lol

  • The fact I saw men s** is extremely weird- but still. This vid is very nice! IMA start watching you for now.

    • Stupid auto correct- ima*

  • Me when I see a wasp 18:25

  • Anex

  • Anex

  • Anex


  • never thought that tech could be cute

  • Which country are you from

  • you have a PS5!?!? that is sooooo cool!!

  • I like how he wasted money on phones when he could have bought mini brands

  • he rickrolled us

  • 10:20 now i know how iphone 13 was made

  • They’re so tiny and cuteee idk why I love small things sm

  • Imagine butterfly clicking with the mice

  • Hey guys 8:19

  • When you fly the smallest drone and the people thinks it's a black hornet and they start running

  • 18:00 🤣🤣 it's his real sound 🔊🔊

  • #mrwhosetheboos

  • 10:21 Soyes predicted the iPhone 13 camera layout ..lol😂🤣

  • Can i have one of those pls i never have a phone This is my cousins phone No? That's what i expected

  • If I comment on every video I see maybe just once someone will recognize me and say bro you comment on every video I watch or eventually get over a thousand likes so like it up guys get me over a thousand like or dislike blow it up

  • Pause at 2:09 to 10

  • $8 phone that works like a full android phone

  • Ur gay

  • Imma be honest, this was the last place I expected to get rickrolled

  • I Have 99999999999lm flashlight

  • Wow

  • 0:18 its not tiny, its average

  • The mini laptop is literally very cool

  • If there are small human being in earth we can get small devices

  • 65

  • There is a game console much smaller than the pocketsprite in Japan that works and is like 200 to 300 yen

  • Fun fact : he's an billioner

  • 2:09 Just look what he has in his history

  • 8:18

  • 2:35 99 billion* yw

  • 7:52 bro I stopped the video right as you pulled out the mini projector and contemplated what I could use it for and immediately though to use it with my switch and then I unpaused the video and you pulled out a switch.

  • The Russian propaganda bit had me in tears😂

  • this video was made one it was my birthday

  • When he got the camera I was like I remember that from some where and I had it befor

  • amogus fridge

  • Damn why no one is talking that 1$ iphone from wish that actually work and it look decent too i really expected it would be just a colored small cardboard😂

  • Smallest 😂😂

  • This guy thinks he's funny but he's not

  • Hero

  • Drone was the best 🤣🤣

  • 19:50 - Oh my goodness. That‘s as big as a hdmi Slot!

  • 18:50 died laughing 😂😂

  • That tiny, tiny flip phone... It makes an Android notification like noise... Please tell me it has android?

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • Why does he sound so gay

  • The LG headphone jack thing came up and I was: "Yeah LG!" Then the bad news: "Yeah... LG." :,)

  • What app is that for thermal temperature???

  • Can I have 5 Grand?

  • They use them small phones in prison

  • "10000 mh, pshh behave."

  • 8:30 where are you then on the moon or somting

  • 2:09 wtf

  • The smallest teach of the world is your....... Iphone chip

  • i like your cat

  • nowine.info/loft/noCPgJzSg7yjdZQ/video

  • nowine.info/loft/fqmvi6SdnaaAen4/video

  • bro the computers my favorite

  • 9:20 to 9:28 is very satisfying

    • Ikkassi 😂


  • “Behave” love it

  • 9:20 this is one of the most satisfying sound in the world

  • 18:01 what a mainly scream 😆

  • I care nothing for tech.... but im binging this channel for some reason

  • My Samsung s10e - which I LOVE, btw, not that anyone asked lol - has a headphone jack & I do believe would be considered a "modern phone". 😉

  • This was fun💯❣️😂

  • Is like a baby.