Who has the WORST Customer Service?

Publisert 24. juni. 2021
Samsung vs OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, Blackberry, OPPO, Vivo, Apple. Let's see which tech company has the best and worst Customer Support!
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Disclaimer: All the faces of people used in this video to represent employees are purely stock footage and picked randomly based on apparent gender.

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  • Has anyone had any particularly good / bad experiences with Tech Customer Service? I'd love to know! 😁 To see one of the worst Tech Scams in existence: nowine.info/loft/sKCJnoinZtJ7omE/video To learn all about Crypto for a complete beginner: nowine.info/loft/q46IoLKehah-dno/video

    • Hi

    • First

    • Apple. 27" iMac The issue? Hardware Failure. Specifically the HDD. Was on support constantly for 4 DAYS and They didn't even help. I myself found what the issue was. I spent HOURS on hold and constantly got redirected. I ended up speaking with 11 people, as I was transferred and picked up from person to person. It WAS (and still is) APPALLING, not to mention, the iMac in question was 9 years old at this point and they had the purchase info. Even still it had in the previous 6 months, a Display Failure, and was repaired by Apple. Just knowing the age alone would have been enough to realise that there is a reasonable chance a component has failed. Knowing that 6 months prior the SAME iMac had gone into service to replace a failed display, Coupled with the issues I was describing in great detail SHOULD have allowed SOMEONE to realise or at least note the possibility of a Hardware Failure.

    • 😂😂😂.... Why are you like this?! "I am never going to say Goodbye tho"

    • I can tell the one u called from xiaomi services is a filipina. Her accent tells it all

  • I do like apple service they do help me and they are super nice

  • I get where they are coming from. It's only normal that after using phones for a number of years now anyone will know that if it's on low battery it needs to be charged. Screen going black sounds like a completely different problem if you're not on site. So I don't think your test is inaccurate

  • Apple: What product were you talking about? Passion-Arun: The Passionfruit Wii Apple: Was that... aN iPAd?

  • A neighbor and me did a prank all on apple, the call got picked up almost immediately and the person there was so kind. We were using text to speech saying that we were mute and the person was totally understanding and so helpful that we hung up because of how guilty we felt.

  • Calling Samsung on a iPhone disrespectful 🤣

  • This man rick rolled Apple, *Achievement Unlocked*

  • I seen all mobile brand ad before the video starts

  • In Germany, the Samsung Customer Service is way better so just go to Germany lol

  • This might be one of the most important video on your channel.

  • Nokia has one of the worst and best consumer service in my opinion. Best because they use an instant message system, and sometimes it's automatized, sometimes you chat with a human, but you get a response right away. Worst, because in the end, all they say to you is to do some resets, cancel some cache and, if that wasn't enough, to send the phone in a repair centre. And their repair centers almost all the times (in my experience) don't think that your issue is covered by the damned insurance, so they'll tell you "pay for the repair or get the phone back, unrepaired". The first time I paid to replace a thing that was already broken when i first bought the phone. The second time, I was sick of being scammed, luckily amazon understood the situation and is giving me the money for the phone back. Now I'm looking for a new phone, probably a Oneplus or a Xiaomi.

  • Customer service is definitely a mixed bag. Fairly enough, most CS agents are going to assume that people know to charge their phone daily or when it starts to die. That being said, credit to those agents who despite knowing such an obvious bit of knowledge won’t usually solve the problem, gave that advice anyway. They’re used to people having legitimately dysfunctional phones diagnosed over the phone, but being able to understand someone just doesn’t know they have to charge their phone daily is invaluable customer service.

  • isnt the oppo hold music alcohol free by twice?!

  • lole

  • I used to see my brother watch this and I said he was weird and these these vids were NOT entertaining but this one looked interesting and I realise I was SO WRONG they are so fun!!

  • Blackberry service and Samsung service is the worst customer service ever.

  • Of course you had to rickroll the oneplus guy 😂

  • at the first of the video when you [ Arun ] start calling samsung it is soo funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 at the last also your lagh it is look love it

  • 6:31 Why... Is... He... Rick 😂😂

  • 6:22 uh twice’s alcohol free??!

  • Can you Do a Video about The Samsung Galaxy A12

  • Actualy i understand why theyre not dolving quickly, like of course they know everyone knows how to vhatge a phone

  • Idk why but this 2:43 made me laugh 😂

  • for appple , from the uae , the customer support is the best! , they answer quick and they solve anyproblem within 30 minutes of calling them , so I think its different for every country

  • I just had a problem with my screen going black and it wasn't related to charging. I think some phones are having issues.

  • I like how arun calls samsung company with an iphone lol

  • oppo has the best fold music

  • 1:57 Mrwhosetheucle lol🤣

  • Nothing wrong with BB service at all. It's a good idea to filter daft/prank calls. That's how you make a service efficient or else their associates would be spending their time on the wrong calls. IMEI numbers are available also on the boxes and purchase receipts. It's only fair to ask for it as it also helps them in pulling your device details.

  • Passion Fruit has the best custumer service

  • xiaomi the best

  • Ever tried calling Google for support with Pixel?

  • The customer service in Samsung and Xiaomi sound like from the Philippines 👍

  • Funniest Tech NOwiner!

  • I can't take my eyes off from that vivo customer care girl😂

  • imagine the person who talk to him in customer service watched that video 😂😂😂

  • 10:31 Cringe Lol

  • Apple's try is impressive

  • Apple doesn't deserve 2.5 starts

  • The funny thing was that he was calling every company with an iphone🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bro the video is funny but y r u changing the characters 🤣🤣🤧🤧🤣🤣to talk with the customer care, u don't show your face na😂😂

  • This is my favourite mrwhosetheboss video

  • Samsung has terrible service, recently I bought a cyclone Samsung robot vacuum and after about three months of use the brush inside was destroyed from normal usage, keep in mind that this robot was not cheap it costed about three $500. Anyways I did the normal thing and went online and had an absolute terrible time finding a cyclone brush. Once I did find one I ordered it just to find out three weeks later when it arrived it was the incorrect size and was meant for the extremely expensive version of my robot. Then after that I was extremely upset so I called Samsung customer support and asked where to find the correct brush and I told them my exact robot model number which was not included anywhere on the cyclone brush I found. They then proceeded to tell me that they did not make the brushes anymore for the $500 robot vacuum that you can still buy but cannot get the brush. To me this is absolutely ridiculous because why would you spend $500 on a robot just to find out after two months the robot is completely useless because the brush cannot be replaced. And the customer representative was very inexperienced in my opinion. Then after all of this they had the nerve to tell me they had a deal on a more expensive version of the same exact robot I had and that I could buy it but why would I go and spend money on a robot again with the same exact issue just to find out I can’t have it fixed again. After this experience I will never buy any products from Samsung again absolutely terrible customer support.

  • I notice that the customer service gets better or worse with respect to the initial person answering the call. I don’t really think Apple deserves anything more than half a star though. But it was a good video.

  • I haven’t even finished watching this video, and I can tell you right now that Discord has the absolute WORST customer service.

  • Most of the customer reps sound like Filipinos :)

  • Passionfruit ceo calling apple to tell them how they are taking over with we she you me

  • you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • Wow Another person who loves Pokémon 👍🏻🎉 So happy 🎉 4:36

  • We need more mrwhosetheunkle. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Putting a Chinese woman’s face on a Filipino customer rep? Automatic 1 star lol

  • In my experience apple customer service has good quality. but given the company reputation and huge volume of customers they have to go through the process. it may take some time to solve the problem and I have a feeling they are doing it for a purpose.

  • Xiaomi User Here

  • Well BIG MISTAKE using Iphone to call samsung....

  • My man professionally acting like a boomer to a customer service.

  • the customer support: wow someone really doesnt know how to charge their phone. meanwhile arun: just vibin' as rick astley and ash ketchum

  • When I called apple they helped and that was a real person they were really helpgul.

  • i genuinely wonder how often call centers have to explain to customers how to charge a phone

  • Huawei customer services always superb and fast even you has 4 years old phone...my friend has p30 pro and had lenses issue.. after he call them he went to huawei center to repaired it and guess what they replaced all off things in that phone and put everything new like the chip, battery even new back body for free ..he just paid for that lenses

  • Maybe samsung ended the call bcs you ask a silly question

  • Say costumer care numbers

  • I have the same phone which Arun used in this video thumbnail. Redmi note 10 pro

  • Huawei mobile services volunteered to get in contact with me asking what is my usage experience regarding the Huawei phone i purchased 10 months agos.

  • I've been so badly mistreated by Apple, I can't imagine a worst customer service experience.

  • Apple employee: take care now NOwiner: Im not gonna say goodbye though Apple employee: say that again(chickle) :D NOwiner: 😶. I think he scared cuz he is using iPhone xD

  • Okay

  • the guy from oneplus sounds like the driving instructor of samir

  • This is just dumb. Why would they assume that you were so dumb that you don’t know a phone can’t last 3 years. We can actually take some of the lower scores as higher scores as they are taking you seriously rather than assuming you’re a god damn moron.

  • Click below!!! never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you never gonna tell a lie never gonna say goodbye never gonna run around and desert you we've known each other for so long you know the rules and so do i YOU JUST GOT RICKROLLED BY A COMMENT LOL

  • i was laughing like crazy will wathing this video lol

  • I had phone that really went black after I unplugged it

  • Why do I feel like I've been Rick Rolled without actually being rick Rolled 🤣

  • Omg his face on the thumbnail is just- 😍 wow!

  • Samsung used to fix problems as soon as possible, my samsung was incompatible with Samsung Music, i emailed them, and they responded within 5minutes!! And told me to reset my device and this method worked! ❤️

  • The tragedy is their languages. Most of their people are different than companies want to have. Like in Apple there are some Hindi people with no clean English, not even near to English. Many of weird accents and it kills everything in every customer service.

  • Well, that's mobile customer service. Try calling Dialog ISP, Sri Lanka. You'll never get an agent or get the problem solved 😂😂😂

  • Motorola,,And Samsung LoL

  • not about hardware but I cant tell you as an "electronic store" employee I constantly have to call tmobile and they are the absolute worst carrier to deal with all the others i have to call are fine

  • The CS for xiaomi is from the Philippines... Filipinos is the most friendly and somehow more helpful... Thats why we have a lot of outsourcing here for international companies.

  • I spent 11 hours once I got my IPhone 13 mini at the Apple Store/Over the phone Tech Support trying to get a simple SIM card to work. Needless to say, I have a strong distaste for Apple’s customer service help

  • Honestly if I was given that question I'd be confused a bit too, like I can't fathom someone not knowing how a charger works so I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's something a bit more serious. I don't really understand this one, it seems more of a kids prank call.

  • It's so obvious , this video is bombarded with Vivo ad

  • Why do I feel like the Customer Service lady of Xiaomi is a Filipino? hehe

  • The question that you ask its so stupid to answer

  • apple: please bring your phone to our support center, we just want to scam from you another 200$ thats it.. i prefer xiaomi service..

  • He always finds a way to rick roll us

  • the xiaomi girl sounds like a filipino

  • The care services of apple,just like - "what the hekkk " say that again bro 😂😂

  • such a savage calling sumsung help service using an iphone XD

  • I reckon this is a biased test. Sometimes you get smart fellas on the call, the other times not so much. And tbh the whole premise is better suited for a prank call. A better test will be to present a more common problem - broken phone, not satisfied, I just purchased new phone but it has scratches, etc. I have to concur Samsung customer service sucks tho.

  • Lmao oppo had alcohol-free by twice as the hold tone-

  • I worked for Samsung customer support and we would get in trouble for actually trying to help the customer and if I try to trouble shoot they’d ask me to transfer. In training they say it’s all about getting you off the phone

  • 2:58 RICK ROLL!!

  • Huawei 🔥

  • Hearing those voices from Samsung and Xiaomi I can tell that they are from Philippines. HAHAHAH those English accent tho. Very familiar. HAHAHA

  • 6:22 alcohol free!?!?!

  • This is pretty funny

  • I think while a worthy exercise, the vast majority will call their service providers customer service for help as it's very likely they supplied the phone.

  • Its chewsday innit?😂

  • Ok , so ....Blackberry is deaddd. Or broke💷💶