I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍

Publisert 22. aug.. 2021
Buying the Cheapest and Weirdest smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay /Etsy / Aliexpress! Go to Surfshark.deals/boss and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free! (I say 81% in the video but it's actually 83!)

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  • Starting from Next video, we're going to be filming using a completely new camera! Can't wait for you to experience it! For more HUGE unboxings like this: nowine.info/loft/rK55ap7ghtqEpIY/video

    • Hello

    • My grandpa invented fingerlight gloves but he never patented it

    • All right, I'll admit it..... I clicked the link, but ....... Arun I dare you to rickroll the legend himself. Is you succeed, I'll give you a hug personally🤗

    • I so love ur videos. Not only do u make me laugh BUT u give me great gift ideas. So for that I thank u 😊. Just one question though if I may. Out of all ur gadgets on this video which one is ur favourite? Hope you reply and thank u in advance 😃

    • Hey can I get that PS5 bro it's slick Always want one of these video games

  • Still has the same charge as two weeks ago lol

  • Me : I Would Have Enjoyed Spending Money In Apple Products Le Mrwhosetheboss : I Will Make Money By Spending Money

  • Hiiiii

  • Hii.

  • i- mine is cheap af

  • Get the pet rock :D

  • i love ur speaking

  • 7:31🤣🤣🤣 buy two and it automatically pairs and gives you feel of airpods😂😂🤣🤣

  • I might get roasted but I kinda liked the ps5 controller


  • You're surprised by Gold chocolate , You really think White chocolate exists?

  • feed poor people. dont waste your money recklessly.

    • Its his money

    • ???

  • The battery capacity/time on the tiny fake wireless AirPods?? Connects easily with iPhone/iOS?

  • Show this video to your parents and tell what you can do if you made it on NOwine

  • The trackball mouse came before the kind of mouse we use today, you are just not old enough ;)

  • I only use one AirPod lol so the single AirPod would work well lol 😂

  • The PS5 cover would be useful in an office setting where it would be expertly disguised as a standing manila folder!!! Boss: “Bob! What are you doing in there for so long?” Bob: “Just organizing my files”

  • CHEAP yes very CHEAP

  • "I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World" Proceed to buy a £500 Speaker

  • The last gadget kinda sus

  • The murky jail ironically refuse because fountain frustratingly whine amid a terrific stew. harsh, aloof hydrant

  • Arun testing weird gadgets and making weird sounds.😂😂

  • Meanwhile people can't even buy lunch.

  • Capitalism is Cancer

  • MrBeast but the opposite

  • “Ahh, that’s nice.. I think” and “This Ps5 looks like a peanut crack tortilla” made me laugh so hard that I sounded like a dying donkey-

  • Arun at 4:22 : You me can call Yoda

  • stylus made for paralyzed ppl *arun holding the phone with his fucking hands* lmfao

  • The real mii 11 pro looks like my nans power bank

  • The boorish albatross advantageously wave because mistake prenatally cause beside a fancy knife. tense, sable undershirt

  • Is that a motherfucking jojo refrence

  • Mrwhosetheboss: "I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World" Also him: buys £549 Theragun PRO (for soothing his muscle) Me: Did this guy just use my entire year worth of salary on one item? (Starts questioning my existence) (After a short while, I proceed to watch the rest of the video) Mrwhosetheboss: Proceeds to now buy a speaker worth £500 Mrwhosetheboss: Buys a mini earphone worth £39 Mrwhosetheboss: Buys Testosterone tabs worth £137 ... ... ... Me: I'm done! (starts searching Jessie J: Price Tag (Lyrics) feat. B.o.B song)

  • A famous NOwiner played Minecraft whit that Orbit Mouse

  • Y is there a gone Me merica

  • Please ignore it's just time stamps for myself • 12:21 • 15:01

  • I enjoy watching these

  • -I hate your channel- *I love your channel*

  • i think his attribute is his homemade memes.


    • Arun: I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍 Also Arun: Proceeds to buy a $680 speaker Also this is so funny😂: 21:56

  • He bought his wife a 750 tax deductible sex toy. Smart

  • 30 seconds of ads at begining

  • "i bought the cheapest tech in the world" *proceeds to buy. a giant rug*

  • I have p 30 lite🤕

  • To be fair it's quite rare I will use both my earpods when I'm out. I use them when I'm running and although I prefer to be immersed in my music it's not very safe

  • 'I can even use it on my lap if i wanted to!' me watching the video with my normal mouse on my lap: inTeReSTinG

  • Succulent

  • Thanks!

  • Expensive But Cool the Best Tag line I Hv Evr Seen😁

  • Pause at 3:08 and look on the bottom row of products lmfao

  • You liked the concept of the new innovative trackball mouse? Wait till you hear about this crazy new tech called an 8 inch floppy drive, very useful for storing a few million bytes of data.

  • 18:19 Bruhhhh

  • Pisses me off qll these youtubers are able to get ps5 but normal people can't buy them

  • when i was around 4 years old i used my grandma's computer. my grandma had lupus which led to a whole lot of other problems. the mouse she had was a trackball mouse and i remember how much fun i would have using it as opposed to a regular mouse. well over a decade later, seeing one again on camera brought back a lot of good childhood memories

  • you should donate the gun to me

  • It's impressive how cool tech one can get for so cheap The lightsaber was my favourite, along with the optical illusion thingy

    • Trackballs are much older than normal mice - my Dad used them when he was a kid and taught me to use one growing up.

    • My fave was the one on the bottom at 3:08

  • 18:19

  • Never gonna run around and..... Desert you

  • him:cats these days me:dont say that my cat ran away

  • 8:13 I was thinking Manila folder, but tortilla works too 🥴🥰

  • I don't know what to do with that information ....algorithm broght me here

  • i hate the camera design its is terrible even the front camera it is so ew

  • You are Arron wow

  • I keep multiple guns near my wallet and phone. I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

  • The vids excellent but my ears got blasted at 2:45

  • pls tell in hindi

  • 15:03 15:52 between 4,000,000 people, ok

  • Ah yes the sumsang. Had me laughing for so long 😂😂

  • What I love about this channel is that it relaly really feels like it could be overly clickbaity and have like 20 sponsors a video and just pump out videos with no soul, but it’s not like that, there is effort in any video and that’s what makes them entertaining

    • 17:26 Trackball actually quite common back in the days when ball mouse still exist. Big brands like Logitech and Microsoft sold them

  • I love my theragun elite they are amazing, I would recommend to anyone

  • Title /i bought the cheapest teck Buys something for $750

  • Actually trackball mice were made very early on in the mouse industry for ships.

  • Cheap tech is for noobs


  • whaaa

  • Do you take ads?

  • you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • Um, I mean, I do want to feel, well *Succulent* So, You have yourself a sub

    • 17:26 Trackball actually quite common back in the days when ball mouse still exist. Big brands like Logitech and Microsoft sold them

  • Ah yes, *Rugtech*

  • 17:33 you did not just…

  • A sub to the channel would be "delicious"

  • 6:57 ow that hurts my brain lol

  • Darn it rick rolled again

    • Arun: I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍 Also Arun: Proceeds to buy a $680 speaker Also this is so funny😂: 21:56

  • at 18:18 read the message on the laptop

  • title: I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍 first sentence: i’m setting a budget of 3k dollars…

  • "most bizzare and expensive" Video title - CHEAPEST TECH IN THE WORLD Lie much?

  • Wgo is the invisible person madsaging himm... dun dun dunnnnnn...

  • When u phone thing in ur mouth but is it me You sound like mr bean when it's in you mouth

  • 10:18 People who don’t know: 😁 People who know: 💀

  • make more passion fruit

  • you wow 1 ipod col also u when it blows

  • looks like a cardboard ps5

  • Title : ,, I brouth the Cheapest tech" Video : ,, I brouth 750$ masage gun"

  • 2:35 if I put on ripped jeans it would be a fan knee

  • Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick Black brick

  • 17:33 really?

    • I can imagine delivering all these packages to Arun’s house like: here we go again lmao

  • 14:51 anyone notice milo in the back

  • i bought the cheapest tech in the world! item: expensive but cool

  • I could watch your videos all day, they never get old

  • 0:08 should have put an nsfw warning… smh