Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬

Publisert 24. juli. 2021
The Freedom Phone by Erik Finman is an elaborate waste of money, and quite possibly also a security risk, do NOT buy it! Try Dashlane for free on your first device head to and if you decide to upgrade to premium use my code boss for 50% off!

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  • Anyone know someone who'd probably want this? 😂 To see an ABSOLUTE MONSTER video about the biggest tech fails of ALL TIME:

  • They cater to a lazy brained portion of society. One that's against technical, medical, or ideological innovation. Those that will buy anything with trigger words. Freedom phone brought to you by the parlor guy. I will be honest I worked in retail the average consumer is stupid. They will buy anything you can attach a theme too.

  • Candace is not "an author", she is a nutjob right winger grifter

  • No its just the moment when he put that " ?? " gif when he reacted to " BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD " i cant help but laugh so badly that my siblings are getting worried

  • I'd rather have the Leftwing, Commie, Google, FBI tracking phone. Much better camera and I can do slomo selfies. Who gives a crap about privacy and freedom? It's overrated. 1st Amendment is fake news.

  • If you see an "alternative" offering complete privacy and anonimity that doesn't require techincal effort from the user it's most probably a scam. Wherever convenience is, surveillance is there too (in the utter majority of cases).

  • Have to give credit to Finnman, he is the king of scammers

  • I’m VERY certain that Owens does not own one of those.

  • This was awesome...lmfao

  • Where the hell did you get this news from?

  • The smartphone version of the Nazi Volksempfanger (People's Receiver), only more worthless.

  • You should never ever put your credit card information on a online storage database. Thats the worst thing you can do. Never storage all your credit cards information in one location or any location for that matter.

  • Its funny how trump and ivanka and the rest of his family all say that China are scammers, yet all of them have their clothing line made in China 😂😂😂 You just cant make this stuff up. 🤣

  • Wow, one of the best rickrolls I have seen. xD 5:09

  • Freedom Phone is a scam. I ordered one and then requested a refund months ago. They don't even bother answering emails. Complete fraud!!!

  • Last time a phone company with "freedom" in its name announced something we know what happened

  • That gay ass wallpaper is enough to deter me from buying :D

  • When he said Candace I thought he was going to make a Candace joke

  • A markup from $100 to $500 is a 400% markup, not 500%, as you stated. This is a common mistake by people who are not very good with math. But you should take extra care in areas where you are ignorant.

  • You appear to have done very little research, other than to verify your biases.

  • I don’t think “completely unfiltered App Store” is an accurate statement. I’m would be concerned that such a statement (if false) would leave you open to a hefty lawsuit.

  • “PatriApp” is an obvious portmanteau of “patriot” and “app”. What is wrong with you?!

  • You have all your facts about January 6 wrong.

  • Well trump did said he loves the poorly educated.

  • ... i hate how society idolizes people who get LUCKY with investments and acts as if they actually know what tf they're doing. its so dumb

  • They actually updated there specs and shippments

  • This guy sounds like the next king of England coming out with a phone like that.

  • I can guarantee you the people who fell for this scheme were like "THE CREATOR IS A GOVERNMENT SHILL" and "HE IS A PLANT BY THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT"

  • At least it isn't a -cuck- Qux Box.

  • CANDICE 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • 7:03 She likes that it reminds her of an iPhone. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK????

  • hmm.. *interesting*

  • Shit phone, but I think you mean, patriot* (unless you’re a feminist then you got it right) and sending trough Twitter and Facebook is logical

  • Yaknow what, that umidigi phone doesn't look too bad. Even has a infrared thermal sensor it seems. Thats pretty cool, the back looks like glass which is also pretty cool. This might actually be worth buying on its own for 100-200$ given that it is stable and has a good build.

  • Good video, helping people not fall for scams.

  • I like to come back to this video for a good laugh 😂

  • it is easier to use a vpn than this phone

  • god the name sounds so american, you can tell this is for americans

  • Great Video! Candace Owens is a POS.

  • Why.. Why why there is no google.... Google knows everything..and it's safe and secured.. And ios is safe and secured... These two are guarantied by us... Then why..? I'm thinking why they doing like this... Different is good every time, but not stucking one🥰


  • I've basically given up on "privacy" now

  • Yet he didn't bother with a pop-up camera 😂

  • The easiest way to get Americans to buy something is call it the Patriot _____. Works every time.

  • what if a robber used this phone to call his partner and said to him to come to this certain point at this certain time and surprised to see the whole police station is waiting there for them to welcome.🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  • Hlo MrArunTheBoss 💕

  • Freedom phone=made for I D ten T S.

  • If you take a good look, the "celebrity" endorsements are conservative talking heads. And who stand to make some profits from this "smartphone"

  • 7:04 sara kola mass

  • Hehe 😂

  • He just roasted candice Anna and Erik finnman

  • Ahhhhhhh Got Rick ROLLED again 5:10

  • He says do not buy the phone What are you doing buys the phone

  • 👁👄👁

  • It kind of feels like karma that the people that buy this phone are the same people that believe the lies that Trump sold them.

  • White chic REALLY added an 'S' to 'Off' and made it Plural. 😂🤦🏿

  • poor eggs that he was making, forever forgotten just for a phone

  • Among us report:Eric tried too bribe me to scam you guys.

  • Someone else mischaractarizing Jan 6th? Haven't seen that one before. To bad it was incited by some blm or antifa activists. Not to mention Capital police literally let them in the building.

  • This freedom phone guy is basically just another performative far-right grifter ripping off the most gullible demographic in America and who likes the sound of his own voice.

  • Run for President, I’d vote for you!

  • No freedom for me

  • 😄 He Ripped that phone a new one lol

  • That Candace is so fake she will do anything for fame she’ll even support a fascist dictator like Trump

  • Basically it’s an idiots phone

  • Blackphone 3


    • Yeh I saw that lmao

  • Hmm

  • How much were you paid to make this video?

  • I trust you completely

  • For $499, Freedom phone has full freedom for a user to use a phone without the actual phone?

  • Roast op

  • 5:10 is a rick roll

  • The dude just scammed the most gullible generation in the history of America

  • Candice nu-

  • What makes u think ur Important enough for even a microwave spy on you

  • Im waiting for the pine phone ;] thats not true. None of it about jan 6th btw.

  • This video regurgitates talking points from politically motivated smear articles about the phone. It's just a de-googled phone and yes it is overpriced but it's not bad or inherently insecure.

    • @Nathan Dsouza hey, that is a good start. I recommend watching some of Rob Braxman's videos about de-googled phones if you want a get a idea of just how much using stock Android tracks and is a risk to privacy. The only thing remarkable about the Freedom Phone is that it's a de-googled phone as a new product rather than a user flashed phone.

    • @Justin Vache I get what you're trying to say . I'm pretty privacy conscious. I don't use Google, I use brave or duck duck go.

    • @Nathan Dsouza That would be a privacy concern not a security issue. Privacy is something that people should take seriously and it is concerning if they are selling that data without a option to opt out. By using a de-googled phone your privacy is immensely improved over using a stock Android or Apple device which tracks everything about you constantly.

    • @Justin Vache yeah not very important like your address or phone number

    • @Nathan Dsouza What data? Can you articulate specific security risks from this data being shared?

  • It is kinda inspired by Freedom 251, especially it's name and the logo, Freedom 251 also had india's flag just like this company has USA's

  • *Freedom* phone sounds so american and it's Lies.

  • you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you

  • Lmao! 😂... The Celine Dion soundtrack for the unread messages got me!😂😂

  • Candice… You thought I would say it didn’t you

  • 5:58 Candice, Candice Nutz ? 😌 u also didn't see that coming 😎

  • It's the phone for those who believe... easily. 😆

  • How hasn't the FTC stopped this? This is ridiculous at best, criminal at worst.

  • I like your videos but you are spreading false information... If you want I would love to give you the proof and the true information

  • I saw something scary when the camera dropped 😀

  • Still better than that freedom 251 scam

  • 5:10 Rolling Rick Style. :)

  • He just plugged his passionfruit company

  • this is why you shouldnt skip college

  • I dropped a sledgehammer on my foot and bought one🤣

  • Parler is back On App Store Y’all😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Air quoting "Free speech" for Parler? You're a scumbag. Parler IS truly free speech.

  • Even escobar seems reliable compared to this overpriced pyramid scheme

  • oh, no; please buy the freedom phone if you like the sound of it. the less batshit insane conspiracy theorists and racists/transphobes/homophobes/etc. using the same technology we do, the better.

  • Nooo the pancake. Can i have it

  • Freedom 251 ka naam suna hai ??

  • more freedom means less security, does this share your location at all times and not give the option for a password