The BEST Smartphones of 2021!

Publisert 21. mai. 2021
Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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  • I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:

    • What ABT samsung m51???

    • What ABT samsung m 51

    • Look this Nokia 8110 5G (2021) The New Matrix Phone!

    • I need the Samsung not 20 ultra Am in Ghana can you please help me get one

    • Love ur videos

  • Cries in Motorola

  • At what point are we all going to stop calling these things phones? Let's face it, for the majority of their life they're not being used as one.

  • Clickbait thumbnail.

  • Samsung a52 for 335$ worth it? I'm confused between Samsung a52 and Redmi Note 10 Pro, I'm getting Samsung for 335$ and Redmi for 280$. I only care about camera, any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi All- I want to buy oneplus nord 2. Can anybody advised to buy or not?

  • 14:30 its rick Ashely

  • i'm always worried for your chair whenever i watch your videos

  • I'm using a Redmi note 10 pro and seriously this device is a beast and bank for your buck 💖

  • Hi

  • Living in western Europe where is the safest site to buy a Chinese only released phone? Anyone has any tips? Thx

    • i own a pocophone f1 i bought from Aliexpress in 2018. but i do NOT recommend buying chinese phones (new) right now. my recommandation: go for a new samsung A52s 5g (not A52 5g) OR buy a second hand chinese phone with a flagship sd888 processor (for example realme or oneplus).

  • 4:17 why do you insist on facing down mobile phones directly over a brick? Screen are going end up full of scratches.

  • Does anyone know where to get the wallpaper on the iPhone in the thumbnail

  • iphone SE?

  • Fuck all chinese phones...

  • What of asmsung

  • Bullshit 1,2 places mi11 ultra and s21 ultra 3,4 hahahahaah

  • Okay, so I'm overwhelmed. My Oppo R17+ is starting to lag so much. Storage is running out, and my phone plan will be paid off next month. I hate the idea of getting a new phone every year or 2, but I've had this one for 3 years, and I never liked the camera on it. One of my main uses of my phone is the camera, and I'd really like a phone with a GOOD camera (specifically good front camera for flattering selfies). Can anyone recommend something? I like bigger phones with rounded edges and big screens - nothing on the front screen. I like that my Oppo lasts SOOOOO long with battery - I can use it allllll day watching movies, and messaging and social media - and it never dies. It also charges fully within around 10 minutes from 2% battery to 100%. I've never had an iPhone, but I have an iPad now. I really struggle to use it though, because prior to this I only ever had Samsung smart phones. I'm considering going back to Samsung, but the overheating issues and battery life issues is a concern. Please help/give me suggestions if you are tech savvy. This video was a bit too complicated for me ❤️

    • So these are the ones in this video I'm leaning towards (although some will be WAY out of my price range - because I don't need or want a super fancy phone. I just need a nice aesthetic and a good camera, good battery life & charge & fast performance 🤷) Oppo find X 3 pro Samsung S20 plus Samsung S20 Samsung S21 pro Xiaomi Mi 11 (expensive) Google pixel 4a iPhone pro 12 max Redmi note 10 pro

    • The camera on my Oppo R17+ is really good, but not so much for selfies - not very flattering

  • Hello, brother, why didn't you include any Sony Xperia smartphone in your video?

  • Redmi note 10 is much better than Poco f3

  • Where is Huawei?

  • Where sony? 🤔

  • @9:24 We need the wallpaper

  • Milo is a phonebreaker

  • Moto e 40

  • I haveva new gaming pc with windows 11 and the motherboard is asus rog

  • ty to get my samsung phone to be b- also this is true what u say

  • I can tell you put so much work into editing your videos so much quality

  • If we throw xiaomi and their rebrands this is a nice vif xiaomi has alot of ad in software which is so annoying that you forget about all else features and they are weak af they are not built strong

  • R.I.P Milo :(

  • Me who thought nokia phones were dead: ._.

  • It's so funny that all these tech reviewers praise One Plus and Xiaomi so much, but then say, "But I use iPhone as my main phone." 😂

    • I think it's been explained plenty, even in this video, they use it because social apps work better with the iPhone and that's an important part of their job. So instead of carrying two phones everywhere, they just use an iPhone to only carry one around.

  • A day brfore by birthday 22may

  • Thank you for great video, what is your opinion about xiaomi mi 11 pro? Where do you think it will fit? Right Behind of mi 11 ultra or a step ahead of xiaomi mi 11?

  • Why can’t I see the passionfruit phones in the markets? 🤔😆

  • Are you the truth

  • Who else saw a weird passionfruit in the thumbnail

  • NGL Your video are entertaining 😀

  • Hey man send me a phone you have too many haha

  • Really love the quick-fire, short summary of the phones. Would appreciate if u added the prices tho

  • Hoe about the RAM and ROM

  • 14:31 damn it.

  • By any chance you can sell Poco with a discount!! Im tired of mine Samsung note 4! cant handle basics app at the same time!! if by luck you read this and consider let me know !! Nice quality video! Keep going!!

  • 2021 samsung is the worse phone, I got one, only one month, the screen turned to green, ask to repair since August, to now, they still not able to fix my phone.

  • Using Redmi note 10 pro So proud 🔥😄

  • How are you thinking about the pixel 6 pro?

  • but why is there no HUAWEI?

  • I think the 12 mini sold so poorly partly because they really didn’t advertise it all that much

  • I went for a S21 over a Zenfone 8, mostly because of its country of origin. If Asus would have stick to Taiwan or other countries instead of china, i would have bought that, but nope. Pity

  • Can u also add call quality, range reception - the stuff that we really need on the phone as a metric too please? I'm looking for a solid phone in that area..

  • Great videos 😊 surprise me with one

  • Sir please can one help me i am from a poor family i saw your video on youtube from my friend's phone and i also want to become a youtuber like you but my family does not have that much money can buy phone sir i saw in your video that you give so many phones to people for free sir can you give me a phone please sir i am a big fan of you all my friends have phone but i have if not, then those people will not keep me with them, they say that the one who has (mobile, car, money) will stay with us.

  • Sony is best phone in the world

  • Xiaomi man

  • Always thought I was subscribed because you pop up now and again. I am now anyway, another good video by the way ✌🏻

  • Bro where is. One plus nord 2

  • thanks. got my poco f3 because of this

  • 🥺 Where is the Samsung Galaxy a12

  • I enjoyed watching this video. Can you do a video on Big Phones and prices.

  • Whatever, won’t buy any Chinese f’ device !! Ever! chicken flew, pork flew, COVID-19 virus,… fish vessels fishing around the world drying the oceans of. fish… Taiwan, Uighur, Mongolia,…

  • PLEASE more of these PLEASSEEE

  • Where is poco x 3 pro? it's not in the list.

  • 14:32 goddamn didn't see that one coming.

  • This sucked I'm sorry

  • Rick Roll on back of Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra

  • Why there is no REALME?

  • Some crazy fanboys imagined something called the Model π from Tesla as a smartphone. I imagine it would be something like a combination of Apple (without walled garden) and Nokias environmentalism and durability (if it doesn't break it doesn't become E-waist) What are your thoughts?

  • Love your content U really educate me about the in's and out's about phones. Wish u could send me one of those phone...keep up the good work👍👍

  • And the redmi is cool 😎😎😎 my phone is Redmi note 7s

  • Really? No samsung galaxy s20 fe? :(

  • why most of them removed the SD card slot damn

  • How much is ZTE?

  • I'd definitely want the s21 ultra

  • AGAIN, I am trying to to as polite as possible, yet to see a review on how the network receptions are but 99% reviews are on , looks, camera, screen, camera, gaming, camera, camera, camera, camera, camera and camera, well that's how I see it, but very rarely do I see or hear it have good cell antenna or good network signal, battery luckily most do give info about it, ok its all good, but it's a freaking MOBILE ! you are in a place where signal is poor, oh wait you can take selfies, and selfies and selfies and after that paly a few games and hope superman will fly by to help you, bunch of nobs all who buy mobiles for cameras and gaming only, not forgetting the people giving the reviews, it never crosses your mind does it. no use to watch this review I gone.

  • We do love the passion fruit I have the we that I think it's the NO.1

  • 4:20 me luaghing with techno pova 2 7000 mah at 150 usd

  • Did anyone notice the thumbnail 😂

  • You missed out on the MOTO EDGE 20

  • I enjoyed every bit of this video 💯❣️😊👍

  • Watching this cause I’m done with iPhone and their crappiness. The word iCloud gives me ptsd at this point. I want an android so bad.

  • This man don't have the Ultra 21 or the iPhone 13 Terrible

  • Samsung A52 🤮🤮

  • when he got to the top 2 and i looked at the price i was just thinking WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!

  • I have iphone 11 cartoons for sell

  • Looks like the sponsor of this video won the best phone :D

  • even 2 y. old flagships can CRUSH the iphone 13 pro max camera... i was trying to upgrade fom my Oneplus 8 pro to 13 pro max just to know how apple is doying lately and i has to switch back to Oneplus 8 pro because the camera on 13 pro is SO BAD !!!!! now i am waiting to Vivo x70 pro or Pixel 6 pro to upgrade, because iphone years behind competitors !!! YEARS BEHIND IN EVERY SINGLE ASPECT.. ! It feels outdated, it has many bugs and dont fell that smooth as Oneplus or s21 ultra .. display is okay, not as good as competitors ans that notch ? i can't unsee it even after week..

  • you are great you do miracles so great there is no one else like you 😉😉😉

  • Where would the iPhone 13 Pro fall in this list? I realize that this video was made before it’s release but it’s still 2021. :-) Tks!

    • It's the pinnacle phone in ground zero before the no.1 while all other competitions are underground level.

  • On the Redmi Note 10 Pro you can change the look of the software on your phone - for example - you can make it look like an iPhone Max

  • How are you

  • That little Rick Roll 😂

  • Will phone Run out of name

  • I think you missed one phone…. P40 pro 👀😑🔭🖤

  • I have poco f3

  • Where's S20 fe

  • Poco x3 pro is good

  • Hey man

  • Hi can I have 1 of your phones. It's too much. from phillipines watching

    • I only using realme c12 I never experienced using expensive phone

  • anyone else notice the iphoney in the thumbnail?

  • I like it. I like it