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My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏


25:01I'm worried about humanity's future.
I'm worried about humanity's future.Ganger 1,4 mill21 time siden
20:5325 Inventions that are Out of this World. 🌏
11:32Vivo X70 Pro Plus - SO MUCH Camera 😂
Vivo X70 Pro Plus - SO MUCH Camera 😂Ganger 2,8 mill14 dager siden
16:35iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict.
iPhone 13 PRO Review - The Final Verdict.Ganger 2,5 mill14 dager siden
16:52iPhone 13 Unboxing - Are they ACTUALLY Good!?
16:54iPhone 13 - What was Apple Thinking?
iPhone 13 - What was Apple Thinking?Ganger 6 millMåned siden
14:25What you didn't know about Tesla.
What you didn't know about Tesla.Ganger 2,4 millMåned siden
23:21I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍
13:13Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.
Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.Ganger 2,5 mill2 måneder siden
13:40Galaxy Z Fold 3 - What was Samsung Thinking!?
20:4524 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.
12:06Calyx OS - The next big Android Competitor!?
Calyx OS - The next big Android Competitor!?Ganger 3,3 mill2 måneder siden
13:50Nothing Ear 1 Review - The Problem with Hype.
Nothing Ear 1 Review - The Problem with Hype.Ganger 2,5 mill2 måneder siden
11:47Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬
Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬Ganger 3 mill2 måneder siden
36:1222 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.
16:08Dear Apple.
Dear Apple.Ganger 4 mill3 måneder siden
10:09How many Spy Cameras are Recording you right now?
11:32Who has the WORST Customer Service?
Who has the WORST Customer Service?Ganger 2,8 mill3 måneder siden
12:50STOP Buying this Tech Scam.
STOP Buying this Tech Scam.Ganger 3,6 mill4 måneder siden
11:10OnePlus Nord CE Unboxing!
OnePlus Nord CE Unboxing!Ganger 2,4 mill4 måneder siden
13:54How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works.
How Cryptocurrency ACTUALLY works.Ganger 2,3 mill4 måneder siden
22:20I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world.
I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world.Ganger 8 mill4 måneder siden
18:56The BEST Smartphones of 2021!
The BEST Smartphones of 2021!Ganger 7 mill4 måneder siden
12:50Zenfone 8 - The most boring INCREDIBLE phone ever.
12:46How THIS instagram story kills your phone.
How THIS instagram story kills your phone.Ganger 8 mill5 måneder siden
20:50The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀
The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀Ganger 7 mill5 måneder siden


  • Not so sure about the lawyers 😝

  • 11:50 Speaking about listening to WhatsApp messages 1.5x while I'm listening to this video at 1.5x speed. So true.

  • Arun.this video is so educative.. Dunning Kruger huh..hmm

  • But then, the video is on youtube and you are posting and promoting it.. Did i miss something?

  • 1:48

  • Okie... Subscribed 😉👍

  • "If the truth will kill them, So let them die" *_Immanuel Kant*

  • Whos waiting for the machine that lets you exercise in your sleep🙆🏿‍♂️

  • Tell me you don't use the same tricks to make people watch your videos more and more. Well no offence obviously.

  • Leaving a comment so that Night Media bots will reply to it

  • I got a galaxy a22 for 78 dollars :)

  • 4:26 What

  • Oh and about vr, the quest two has an option for hand tracking. No gloves, no controllers, just a quest two and your hands. It’s super realistic the only problem is you can’t clap

  • Agreed. Spend more time outside is the key.

  • 10 seconds later after apple does this: Android copies them: THIS IS OUR LEGIT IDEA AND WE CREATED IT

  • An eye opener for many 👍 Great video 🔥

  • Nice point Anyways back to NOwine algorithm

  • So much effort and dedication on a single video. ❤️

  • That was an eye opener but the question is how long we can keep that eye open before technology manipulate us again

  • I had an uneasy feeling when i used social media comparing myself to others and seeing that how boring my life is. But actually i took a break from a social media worked on myself went for a walk and a holiday in the mountains. Which made me realise i am just getting depressed over nothing i should be happy that i get to live a happy life and i should not compare to other influencer or people. I loved all the topics you covered.

  • I stopped using facebook after i got a few ads about keyboards, few days before i was talking ONLY on private about new keyboard ...

  • 0:12 and he never stopped spitting facts

  • One of your best videos. This is your first video I have given a thumbs up not because I didn't like your other videos but because I want to come back to this. It was very thought provoking.

  • Clickbait thumbnail.

  • That Nike example resonates with Apple better where the buyers are literally called iSheep. 😅

  • This is so timely, precise and most importantly informative. This video indeed deserves a lot of views 👏👏👏

  • True🔥

  • i really like the 1 dollar tablet but i cant afford it, sorry

  • Good job milo!! Chaos has been done 😂😂😂

  • Wee

  • man o man....... thanxxx for such a great explanation of things that ppl hardly talk about and which is need of the hour. Keep it up and keep on sharinggggggggg amazing content and thoughts like thiss

  • We need more of these videos. We, as a society, are moving towards a cyberpunk themed dystopia, and we need to stop it before it's too late. We won't, but we should

  • a sta ti sta ti sta ti ko si ti

  • Nikee




  • Google maps isn’t reliable as humans

  • Great video... Please make a video on the Economic crisis of a country or a state..What if the govt. Spend all it's money by giving it to the public freely?? What if the income of certain state or country is far less than their expenditure?? What could be the solution for this economic crisis??

  • This was a really well made vid

  • wtf u buying with 5 bitcon!!!!!!! thats $283,470

  • Appreciate that I think many people saw this and took a look back at them self

  • Awesome

  • When you search "Samsung is going to fail" after pausing his video, I found it's true that we value more negative news... Whoaaa And the funny thing is when I tried it youtube algo was instantly completed the sentence for me 🙈

  • Why do people on social media watch things that makes them miserble?

  • Social media is a highlight reel. Twitter exists!!

  • I do really like the customizability of Android, but ultimately like you said once you get settled in it becomes all about the apps and the experience. I really hate the Samsung Gallery and OneDrive integration, and the fact that you can't fully delete OneDrive. So it always just feels clunky and cluttered, even if it's all out of sight and you just manage everything in Google Photos anyways. But I also LOVE Nova Launcher, so when I'm on an iPhone it feels really bland and somewhat frustrating that I can't make it work how I want it to. The thing I HATE about the iPhone is, as someone who wants to develop mobile apps, I have to either buy a Mac or rent one in order to make an app for my phone. And I don't want to do that because I have a $1,500 gaming laptop and a $1,300 custom desktop that are more powerful than anything Apple makes (except maybe at the very top of the line, but I'm not spending $6,000+ on any computer). On the other side, Android Studio is available on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. If the end-user isn't into mobile app development, this makes literally no difference to them. But Apple's walled-garden approach and Android's clunkiness and lack of optimization are always what causes me to switch between the two whenever it's time for an upgrade.

  • 7:40 deep down we all know earth is 69 shape

  • You are drunk now go to sleep

  • Solution: I use social media ONLY for memes and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. Mostly frog and cat memes.

  • spitting fax

  • This man woke up and chose to speak facts

  • everything will work out it always does in the future

  • 2:06

  • Arun: "Can you really use an iPhone 6s in 2021?" Me,looking at my iPhone 6 which had battery changed twice, and thinking of selling a kidney for my next upgrade.

  • if a screenprotector is 40$ it'd better be bulletproof and cure cancer

  • I love the iphone xs max its so good i love it its un defeated for me

  • Only one word I want say is कालाय तस्मै नमः

  • 1:26 sus

  • After watching this video I really get the need to meet you in person and give you a buque . Very informative video brother . Thanks for posting the video .

  • I'm still using my sony Xperia xz3, and it works as good as the day I got it 😂

  • video

  • 2:15 I just realised that it’s the same thing for me with apple… All I see now are videos praising apple which makes me like the company even more and I completely shut off all brands

  • This video should convince you to subscribe to this channel. Don't get me wrong, I've susbcribed before watching this. This video gives me so much respect to him. So happy didn't waste clicking the subscribe button. P.s. This is my genuine opinion.

  • POV:- he made this video after watching *social dilema* on netflix which was recommended to him after he finished *squid game*😀

  • Isn't this video an example of his 3rd point , Negativity !? And y'all praising this is ridiculous haha

    • While you are technically right. He is informing us on real world facts based on data That we can use to make our lives less negative

  • Good. Never open arabic texts.

  • just got into the comments section.. 25 minutes is way to much bro

  • After I took your course 2 years ago, I went ahead and invested my old Bell pension that I had liquidated into it's own lock-in retirement account. That account ONLY contains stocks that meet this criteria and has risen about 33% in 2 years!! I'm very pleased with this dividend growth approach and it will remain as my primary investment strategy going forward

  • Me thinking his electricity bill ⚡

  • Awesome video. Certainly resharing


  • I don't have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter nothing. And I never feel like I need them.

  • I stopped using almost every social media months ago except for reddit. This was one of the best decisions of my life.

    • Same lol

  • I already see this stuff happening on Twitter for last couple of years and this train isn't stopping anytime soon and other socials. I think it's time to unplug from Social Media for a while.